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What is Tax Planning & Why is it important?

People who have any income not taxed via PAYE need to fill out Self-Assessment Tax Returns (SATRs). Different kinds of income are taxed in different ways, and some expenses can be used as tax reliefs.

Tax planning is making methodical use of the system to ensure you pay the minimum amount of tax legally required, getting every possible deduction and making efficient use of tax bands.

So are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and stressed out when it comes to tax season? Do you feel like you’re paying too much in taxes and wish you could keep more of your hard-earned money?

If so, you’re not alone. Many people struggle with understanding the complexities of the tax system and miss out on potential savings and deductions. At J Sweeney Accountants we can help you with all your tax planning and Self Assessment Tax returns.

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What are the benefits?

Here’s how our tax planning services will benefit your business.


More money in your pocket

Effectively planning your taxes means that you will have more money every April.


Peace of mind

Knowing your taxes have been done correctly and with your best interest at heart will give you peace of mind.


More time

Whatever it is you do to make money, you can focus your time and energy on that rather than navigating a complex tax system.

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How we can Help

At J Sweeney Accountants, we are a team of knowledgeable and friendly accountants with over 50 years of experience. We are certified and trusted Xero Gold Partner accountants and offer a wide range of accounting services so that you can focus on running your business while we help you save time and take care of the financial aspects.