Serving Our Clients a Minimum of 24% of Savings Year In, Year Out!

Serving Our Clients a Minimum of 24% of Savings Year In, Year Out!

The Hospitality industry consists of a wide range of sectors from hotels, restaurants, clubs, pubs and bars just to name a few. Although each of these sectors are diverse in the services they have to offer, they share a common structure with their businesses finances, profits and competitive nature.

Like all customer-facing businesses, the consumer is undeniably in charge of their success through regular spending habits which can fluctuate daily, weekly and seasonally. This can cause many challenges for businesses however it also provides vast opportunities for exciting brand growth.

At J Sweeney Accountants, we have a deep understanding of the hospitality sector and provide our support and expertise to help multiple businesses flourish for both independent operators and multi-location chains.

How Can an Accountant Help You?

Meticulous Bookkeeping

Balancing the books is both time consuming and challenging, our team have great attention to detail with accurate financial recordings. Having an accounts team behind you eases the burden, letting you run the business stress-free.

Regular Contact

Meeting or speaking with us regularly keeps you up to date with how things are performing, we send weekly snapshot, attend monthly meetings and are always available for up to date financial questions about your business keeping you in the know to make the right decisions quickly.

Proactive Payroll Management

1 in 10 people throughout the UK work within the hospitality industry. Your workforce is vital to keeping the business sailing smoothly, ensuring wages are sent efficiently and promptly helps to keep employee morale high.

Efficient Tax planning

As experts in complex tax planning and management, we can help optimise your finances and reduce tax liability.When tax season comes around, this can add additional pressure on an owner and often leaves businesses paying more tax than necessary.

Straightforward Year end accounts

Overviewing a business’s financial records at each accounting period, provides better insights on what financial resources are available and how to better optimise profits from our recordings. We also offer regular breakdowns for weekly forecasting and snapshots, to show where the business may be under or overspending.

As specialists in hospitality accounting, we offer a multitude of services for the industry with an expert team experienced in its specialisms. If you would like to find out more about our services, contact our team on 01604 950034 or send us an enquiry here.


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