What To Look For When Hiring An Accountant

What to look for when hiring an accountant

The cost of hiring an accountant is greatly outweighed by the benefits of hiring a proactive accountant. A deeper understanding of a business’s finances allows for more effective planning, easier to utilise savings and, most importantly, a more secure financial outlook. 

An accountant is essential to make any business tick and making sure they hire the right one is a key decision for any business. Here are some things to consider when hiring an accountant: 


In professions like accountancy, accountants can see many many businesses and industries, choosing one that knows you and your business is going to setup a more successful future. More importantly if you are in a sector that has specific rules or intricacies having an accountant that has dealt with this before is only going to further the compliance and most importantly valuable financial information that could lead to savings.

Attention to detail 

Accountancy is a complex line of work that requires excellent attention to detail. One mistake early on in a process can cause a butterfly effect of errors and it can be very difficult to figure out where the original mistake has been made. A strong emphasis on accuracy, getting small things correct and having a comprehensive review process go a long way to making a good accountant.  

Excellent communication 

Being a competent business accountant is one thing, but being able to communicate the implications of that accounting is just as important. Accounting can often be quite complex, so having the ability to pick out the most relevant figures, statistics and conclusions to present to different audiences within the business is essential. The ability to deliver important information clearly and without becoming bogged down in jargon is essential. 

Modern thinking

The world is moving into a more progressive and modern technology led direction, this is absolutely the same in accountancy and HMRC. Having a forward thinking technology led accountant is going to prevent your numbers and finances be stuck in the old days. Technology like Xero accounting software, DEXT Receipt capturing software or even Unleashed Inventory management software are the next wave of modern accounting. Slashing man hours, improving accuracy and giving you real time metrics of your business. 

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