Business Plans – Getting Help with a Financially Effective Business Plan

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An effective business plan can often mean the difference between attracting interest in the first place or not. Credibility is achieved from a good plan and banks and other 3rd party funders are also likely to expect a proper. That includes the financials.

We recommend that as part of the financial part of a business plan, a cash flow statement and balance sheet will need to be prepared. Can you do this and ensure it makes sense to investors? That’s where we come in. With vast knowledge of plans we ensure your vision is obvious but your financials are robust.

Forecasts are our thing, we have many industry examples that give your plans real life tangible evidence to support your ideas.

No idea is a bad idea until we make sure it makes financial sense.

Key components to think about:

  • Sales – Who are you selling too? How many can you sell? How long will it take to sell the maximum?
  • Expenses – What are your fixed and variable expenses? Are you tied into any expenses? Where can costs be cut without compromising the end product?
  • Break Even Point – What is this? – The point at which you start making money! Is it achievable? – We can calculate this in financial terms or product terms e.g. how many beans do I need to sell?
  • Cashflow – How much money is needed to start this venture? How long until the money runs out? What is the monthly run rate? What value of investment might be needed?
  • Return on Investment – How much will I get back and when will I get it? – The main question any investor will be interested in.

If this is something that is daunting to you, why not get us to write a financially effective business plan for you? However big or small your idea we would love to see if it can grow from an idea to a business!


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