Tips for Choosing the Right Accountant

With finance being one of the most important aspects of a business, it’s even more important to ensure it’s being managed correctly and efficiently; many people hire or outsource accountants to manage this for them. Is your business in need of a reliable accountant to manage your finances? Below, we’ve shared our top tips for choosing the right accountant.

Think about location: does it matter?

When choosing the right accountant, location is the first thing you need to think about. Ask yourself: do I always need to speak to my accountant face-to-face? If you do, do they necessarily need to be local? Or would being located in London or a commuting town, Northampton for example, be suitable? With technology evolving, more and more businesses are finding it really simple to outsource their accounting and communicate with their accountant over email, phone or through video call.

Do they have relevant experience?

The next step in choosing the right accountant is seeing whether they have relevant experience. Think about what your business really needs for finance management and check whether accountants have this experience. We’d recommend going with an accountant that has very varied skills within the industry.

Are they proactive?

Your accountant should help your business grow and succeed; this will only happen if they have a proactive approach to their work. Again, as we mentioned earlier, more people are opting for an outsourced accounting solution; as they are completely dedicated to just the financial management of your company, they can be a lot more proactive than in-house accountants as they won’t ever be brought into other business tasks.

If you think the outsourced solution could be the right decision for the management of your business’ finance, get in touch with the team here at J Sweeney Accountants. Give us a call on 01604 950034 or send us an email [email protected].


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